Assetflashback offers a wide range of asset recovery services by various specialized methods and technicality. We provide asset recovery in different areas such as: Cryptocurrencies Fraud, Forex Trading Fraud, Binary Options Fraud And any other financial frauds and scams. We have assisted several victims and government agencies that have fallen victim to several frauds and scams. Due to our extensive service, we focus on helping clients with a proven way to fight back to recover their funds and cryptocurrency after being scammed, lied to or had their information compromised. We do not accept cases that present insurmountable obstacles. With a few general and specific questions about your case, we can determine if our services would be of benefit to you. We do understand the sensitives involved and all matters are kept confidential.

Quick Processing

We process our clients' cases with efficiency, care and attention to details.

Banks Make Mistakes, Too

If you present it wrong, your bank will reject you. We instruct you according to MasterCard and Visa dispute policies and chargeback rules and procedures.

Why Let Scammers Get Away

MasterCard & Visa give consumers the right to dispute charges. If you know how to use your rights, you can get your money back!

Merchants Will Defend Themselves

But we already know what they will say. Our strategy, fortunately for you, is too many steps ahead of them.

Our Experience Counts

We put our upmost expertise into every one of our client's cases.

Fund Recovery

We clarify the chargeback to the banks in their language.

Every Case Is Unique

We analyze and construct the correct arguments.

let's work together

Banks require you to build a logical chargeback case that is justified by referring to specific Visa and MasterCard rules and regulations If you were scammed, but customer service agents at banks will still need to be convinced to approve your request and process your case. Our strategies and expertise combined make us the best among the rest!.