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After realising I had been seriously scammed by an unlicenced Binary Options Trader who took my hard earned savings and made substantial losses with bad trading advice, I was loosing hope that i would ever see this money again. Thanks to AssetFlashBack I got most of my money back with their detailed knowledge of the industry and highly effective tactics.

Richard Pitre

Binary option scammed me and I thought I lost all of my savings. It is then I manage to get hold of AssetFlashBack. They were very professional and helpful and manage to recover 50% of my hard earned cash within 4-6 weeks. I highly recommend AssetFlashBack!

Benjamin Mueller

I was completely taken in by a binary option company, and soon they had all my savings. I soon found out that I couldn’t withdraw my funds. I tried so many different ways, but no luck, and had given up. However, On getting in touch with AssetFlashBack, They completely took control and got back all of my money! RESULT!

Victoria Chitwood

I recently used AssetFlashBack after a well known Binary Options site scammed me for $30K+. My claim was handled by one of their recovery specialist who was very efficient, friendly and easy to deal with. We managed to recover all my money. Thank You to AssetFlashBack for a job well done,I recommend their service.

Melvin Quinones

I had little hope when I contacted AssetFlashBack as I have tried other means to try and recover my money. They turned things around within a few days. AssetFlashBack have professional people that understand the situation, I will never forget the help you gave me and God Bless.

Laura Sanders

I was scammed for $16k. I was painstakingly trying to get my money through credit card chargeback dispute and submitting endless complaint forms to various authorities, with zero results.. After contacting AssetFlashBack.com and getting in touch, I was able to recover all my deposited. AssetFlashBack seems the best, when dealing with binary options scams.  My special thanks, their professionalism and support helps a lot in dealing with binary options brokers. I’d highly recommend contacting AssetFlashBack team to get positive results for your claims.

Constantino Sánchez

The two individuals running Winchargeback are great. I was defrauded out of a substantial four-fugue sum by a criminally dishonest ‘brokerage’, which I now know not to be a ‘brokerage’ at all, but a fund-raising organisation which exists for other, extremely nefarious purposes. The extreme stress and distress of this situation caused insomnia etc. Some immediate action by AssetFlashBack resulted in securing 50% of the funds due to me straightaway, and, because of AssetFlashBack’s detailed knowledge of how these criminals REALLY operate, I am wholly confident all funds defrauded from me will be retrieved in due course. AssetFlashBack are great to work with, and I would recommend their services to anyone. Absolutely invaluable.

Florence Marks


AssetFlashBack is a team of professionals with vast working knowledge of chargebacks and wire recalls, we leverage our experience to present your case effectively and professionally to the appropriate financial institutions in order to maximize your chances to recover your funds.


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